Efficiency through specific expertise

The production process at Schmiedag GmbH

Powerful plants guarantee the consistently high quality of products as well as efficient production processes. At Schmiedag our in-house die and tool shop, and the use of software to simulate the forming process enable us to manufacture quickly, precisely and economically. High-performance drop forging units and specialised machinery for mechanical production complete the extensive range of machines.

In-house die and tool shop

Experienced employees in our very efficient in-house tool shop are the basis of the high forging quality at Schmiedag. Here, in response to specific customer requirements and ideas, dies and tools are made, which are required under maximum pressure in the forging process to produce precisely the component which the customer needs. Maximum dimensional accuracy and absolute flawlessness, made possible by simulating the forming process. The vertical range of manufacture extends from pre-machining of the die block to machining on NC and CNC-controlled turning and milling machines as well as 5-axis milling centres. In-house tool assembly and die welding facility, in close collaboration with the specialists for the forging process, ensure exact compliance with customer requirements.

Drop forging

Optimised use of materials and cost-minimising efficiency, as well as particular stress resistance of the components due to favourable grain flow are distinguishing features of our drop forging. This is achieved by using pre-forming units which are connected to the upstream forming units of all plants. Schmiedag GmbH's range of units and plants includes automated feed systems, pre-forming and handling units, industrial robots and heat treatment plants.

Our presses and forging hammers:

  • 160 kNm and 320 kNm counterblow hammers
  • 45 MN spindle press
  • 31.5 MN eccentric press

Mechanical finishing

Within the alliance of GMH Gruppe and applying our own in-house mechanical finishing, Schmiedag GmbH provides customers with products along the entire value chain from from rough forging to ready-to-install components. Manufactured in optimally coordinated processes, reliably delivered, and pre-machined, finish machined or processed and ready-to-install. The mechanical workshop of Schmiedag includes:

  • Processing centres
  • CNC-turning machines
  • Induction-hardening plant
  • Surface treatment (coating)