Expertise for manufacturing

Schmiedag GmbH

Schmiedag GmbH manufactures drop-forged parts developed for exact individual requirements. Outstandingly high quality products are achieved by this GMH Gruppe company, for example, using its in-house die and tool shop and applying materials expertise in its own laboratory.

Schmiedag GmbH reliably fulfils individual customer requirements due to its in-house tool shop, efficient production processes by means of simulation of the forming process and a high degree of automation, top materials expertise and a strict quality assurance system - combined with the expertise and experience of its dedicated employees. Precision-manufactured drop-forged parts - which keep things moving forwards - quite literally - in many sectors

Driving force for mobility sectors

Customers all over the world from the railway sector, large engine industry, mining industry as well as special applications and special vehicles place their trust in Schmiedag's expertise. The close collaboration between customers, experts and partners as well as optimised process workflows, for example through simulation, ensure efficient and economical production processes. Supplemented by mechanical preparation and finishing, assembly, heat treatment technologies, welding processes as well as the combined expertise of GMH Gruppe, Schmiedag GmbH provides customers with services along the entire value chain, from rough forging to ready-to-install components. 

Efficient production

Our high-quality tool shop represents the basis for the quality of our forged parts. To achieve the best results, our employees work closely together: from die block pre-machining, tool assembly and in the drop forge mill to the forging process. In combination with powerful plants for hot forming such as presses and forging hammers as well as for mechanical production, we always provide the best solution - also ready-to-install and pre-assembled when required.